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Helen Back Pizza-Sponsor



Sep 19, 2023
Helen Back Pizza
Helen Back Pizza-Sponsor
Helen Back Pizza

Helen Back Pizza is a product of two good friends, Ryan Stanhope & Chris Sehman, and their uniquely different careers. Ryan, a twenty-year veteran in Special Operations in the United States Air Force is from Maine (New England fan). Chris from Maryland (Washington fan) has spent a lifetime in the food & beverage industry.

Having sold his flagship brand in 2018, it seemed as if Chris was out of the restaurant and bar business. Through an unexpected chain of events, that was not the case. In the spring of the very challenging year of 2020, Ryan simply said “Bro I am craving your pizza, no one makes Helen Back pizza.

That moment, two friends turned each other’s careers on end. Chris rebooted a brand and Ryan entered the world of small business ownership. They acquired an old family pizzeria on the north side of Fort Walton Beach and the journey to, through, and from Helen Back began.

Old concepts returned (free military pizza) and new ideas emerged (make this pizza franchisable). And the ORIGINAL pizza, ingredients, processes, and attitude (born in a bar) were finally given the spotlight it has deserved.

Welcome to Helen Back Pizza.


Helen Back Pizza-Sponsor


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